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As a trial lawyer, I have successfully conducted dozens of jury trials in both local courts and federal court for the Southern District of Ohio. I have successfully defended countless clients in complex cases and helped clients navigate extensive investigations into their businesses and personal lives. If you are facing charges for a crime, you can count on my firm to provide an aggressive, thorough defense.

Protect Your Reputation, Career And Future

At William Settina, Esquire, I’m proud of the reputation for persistence and dedication to my clients that I’ve spent decades building. I have fought for clients in a wide variety of criminal cases, including:

  • Assault, which may include simple assault, negligent assault, felony assault or aggravated assault.
  • Sex crimes and sexual assault, including rape, sex with a minor, possession of child pornography or similar charges. Allegations of sexual crimes can damage your reputation, career and personal life. I take every case seriously and will fight doggedly to protect your freedom.
  • Murder, including intentional murder, reckless manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter or serious assault. With my decades of experience fighting for clients in this situation, I will give you your best chance at acquittal.
  • Robbery and burglary, including a wide variety of theft charges. These charges can be more complicated and serious than many people realize, and often carry the possibility of fines, incarceration and other consequences.
  • Drug crimes, including possession, trafficking, distribution and more. Ohio takes drug crimes seriously and even first-time offenders can face serious consequences.
  • DUI and OVI charges, which may include driving under the influence of substances other than alcohol. Ohio is strict about the amount of controlled substances a person may have in their blood stream and a conviction may not require proof of your actual level of impairment.

In addition, I can guide clients through the process to expunge their criminal records.

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